1200 Calories and Exercise!?!

The past two weeks I’ve been seeing a nutritionist.

 My name is Lynda and I’m a food addict. 😀

 But seriously, I am in the category of “obese” according to my BMI. This is not a good thing.

I weigh 69 lbs MORE than I did when I GAVE BIRTH to my last child.

I’m horrified!

I’m embarrased!

I’m ashamed of myself…how did I let this happen?

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to do something proactive about my health and my weight problem. I made an appointment with a registered dietician (my insurance pays for 6 visits per year). I want to be sucessful at this, but I have to admit, I’m more than a little scared. I have a bad case of FOF (Fear of Failure).

But more than this fear of failure is a fear of staying obese or becoming more obese. I know there are terrible health risks associated with being fat. I already feel awful, both physically and emotionally. And, I hate having to shop in the “fat” stores, even though some of the clothes are kind of cute!  I know this has to be a lifestyle change, not just a diet.

I’m also scared because I have a past history of bulimia and I just don’t want to go there again. Yeah, I lost a lot of weight, but I’m here to tell you that I was FAR from healthy. That was a really dark time in my life. I don’t even feel like the same person, but I know that I could fall into that abyss again if I’m not careful and if I don’t have a plan. It’s really no different from alcoholism in that respect.

So, I’m off on a journey to improve my health, both physically and mentally. I need to get motivated. I need to JUST DO IT! If you are a praying person, please pray for me. I’m sure going to need it!


10 thoughts on “1200 Calories and Exercise!?!

  1. How exciting! Doesn’t it feel great to go out and do something to change your life for the better? My school started a “Biggest Loser” club and SO MANY people joined. I didn’t think that many people would want to participate, but the list is huge! In short, you are not alone. Maybe you can find a group like that, for support? I’m sure they are out there.

    Weight Watchers helps two of my friends a lot. In fact, one of their mom’s and then the other’s husband started going too (after her pregnancy, when he gained more weight than she did!).

  2. I’ll be praying for you! Cody and I thought about going to see a nutritionist too…We want to make a lifestyle change not just be on a diet. Not to mention out “diet” now is usually fast food. Ooops…

  3. We can also be each others support! I am the girl who works out then celebrates with a Starbucks or Ice Cream!
    We can do this Mom…WE CAN BE HEALTHY!!

  4. Hi there, stumbled across your blog : )

    Can I offer you some advice, as someone who recovered from bulimia? Seek out a nutritionist who is familiar with the concept of “health at every size” (HAES). There is a lot of research coming out now that says that weight is not the most important thing in a person’s health, and there’s a lot of evidence that says it’s not important, period (unless, of course, a person is so fat that s/he is not able to get out of bed). Rather, it is your habits that are important — and yes, a person can eat healthfully and exercise in moderation and still be considered overweight or obese by BMI charts. A nutritionist who is familiar with HAES will help you put together a plan to emphasize healthy habits, rather than putting weight loss as the biggest end goal. I fear that if you go with weight loss as the big indicator of success, you will be disappointed and possibly hurt your health. Also, again, as someone who recovered from bulimia, focusing on weight loss is the *worst* thing you can do. Please note that I am not saying that you should *not* lose weight — just that weight loss is not the best focus to have when trying to change your habits.

    Also, PLEASE do not listen to anyone who tells you that 1200 calories and exercise is a good way to go. There was a famous study conducted during WWII that, among other things, provided some interesting info about starvation and its effects on a person’s well-being. The subjects in that study were given 1600 calories per day. That was considered starvation. 1200 is far too low for anyone, including even sedentary women, to survive off of without going crazy, thinking about food all the time, etc. There are tons of articles all over the internet repeating this 1200 number, but just because a lot of people say it, does that mean it’s correct? (And, if you’ll notice, a lot of those “expert” articles are written by people who have no background in nutrition or medicine; they’re just repeating what they’ve read everywhere else.) For the good of yourself and the good of your family, please dismiss someone who tells you that 1200 calories is safe and sustainable.

    I hope some of this is helpful — sorry for the long ramble : )This is an issue close to my heart. Take care of yourself, okay?

  5. P.S.: Just wanted to pass on the word about a blog that might help you: kateharding.net. The women there write about body image, self-esteem, overweight and obesity, eating disorders, and lots of other subjects related to those things. They are very strong supporters of HAES, and they’re very witty and eloquent (but they do swear a lot, FYI, if that bothers you). I’ve found many of the posts to be outstandingly helpful in improving my own outlook on things. Hope it helps : )

  6. I think one of my hardest ‘facts of life’ is accepting my body and my weight. I was never overweight as a child or teenager, but gained a gradual 35 pounds while in college. I struggle daily with, “Will I fit into my pants today? Or will that bowl of chocolate ice cream and magic shell put me over the top?”

    I do hope that you can overcome this demon and free your self from the obese category. Most of the time, at least for me, it’s all mental. I am so glad you saw a nutritionist; a fantastic lady I saw a few years ago really helped me figure out some food triggers. Her help and teaching was invaluable.

    Yay for positive change! You go girl (woman)!

  7. Let’s see if I can post comments on WordPress today. I had major issues, yesterday. Kept getting a “Page not found” error. Weird.

    Anyway, yay for you! I’m totally on board and have my ears open for all of the great things you’re going to learn. I’m in that same boat myself and need to make some changes in my lifestyle. But it’s hard!

    I am definitely praying for you. I know you can do it!

  8. Wow! What a great support this blog is! I may have to start one of these myself (in my spare time, ha ha). You, as always, are in my prayer, my friend. We all need to get healthy! Yikes!

  9. Hi-

    I apologize for contacting you via blog comments, but I couldn’t find an email address for you.

    I’m conducting an anonymous survey of bloggers who blog about eating disorders or eating disorder recovery in partnership with a clinical psychologist for joint research and publication purposes. I’m hoping our survey generates lots of responses so that our findings are well-rounded, inclusive and convincing. If the scope of the study pertains to your own experiences, I invite you to participate by taking it.

    More information and a survey link can be found here.

    Thank you!

    Rachel Richardson

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