Signs that Autumn has Arrived in the Desert

1. The Cardinals are back. We have one that occasionally partakes in the bounty that is available via my husband’s birdfeeder. The males are more brightly colored than the females. This photo was taken at the Boulders Resort in Cave Creek last year. The cardinal that comes to our feeder is much more skittish than this little fellow.

2. We have a squirrel coming into our yard. Hubby also feeds this little guy (we made a special trip to Pet Smart for food that is acceptable for rodents). It took a few days, but hubby was acutally able to get photographic evidence of “Secret Squirrel” coming to visit.

3. Lizards are back in the yard. We don’t have photographic evidence of the particular lizard that has come calling, but my hubby says that he looks like this one that I photographed at Papago Park a couple of years ago.

4. We’ve also had the pleasure of seeing a BIG skunk that frequents the neighborhood the evenings before the garbage is picked up (we’ve seen him at least three times on Sunday nights). He has the same routine, weaving in and out of the houses in the neighborhood, looking for a tasty morsel. He doesn’t seem to be too afraid of people as he’s never sprayed while in the area. I have no photos of this guy as I’m just not brave enough to ask him to pose for a round of flash photography. This is a picture that I downloaded from Flickr

5. The coyotes are once again howling at night. We have a wild space behind our house where we’ve seen a variety of animals ranging from javelina to cattle. One of the more prominent members of our community are coyotes. The homeowners association isn’t thrilled with their presence, but I have to admit that I find it wonderfully and strangely comforting to hear them barking, yipping and singing while I’m lying in bed. Oh, and if an emergency vehicle with a siren comes through the area that really gets them stirred up!! This is another photo gleaned from Flickr.


4 thoughts on “Signs that Autumn has Arrived in the Desert

  1. The cardinal & your signs of fall are so refreshing. Almost all of our signs of fall are gone which is a sign of yet another thing, winter burrrrrr!

    We see few lizards around our house unless they are hanging from Mr. Fezzywig’s mouth. We did have baby’s this year, I found that 1 inch lizards are not so scary.

    We have no skunks which is a blessing from above as our neighbors have so much trash just hangin’ out.

    We have had coyotes in our backyard, which is fenced I might add. They are great from a distance but when they are in the driveway they seem a little less appealing. I would like to walk in the mornings but as it is dark and they are near, I think I’ll pass.

    Thanks for the wildlife update! I am glad to know that the wild creatures are everywhere, not just my house!

  2. Our signs of fall are rapidly disappearing, too. I do have an entire yard full of leaves, but it’s nowhere near as pretty as the picture you have of your visiting cardinal friend. 🙂

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