All Grown Up

e-gchpf2You’re not a child anymore, I realize.

You’ve grown and matured, far beyond wise.


Still, I remember how just yesterday

I could somehow love your sorrows away.


How I miss those times when just being there,

Brought your heart comfort when you were scared.


Those talks we’d have about friends and school,

And shopping for clothes and shoes that were “cool”.


My “little one” no longer, but adult and strong,

You don’t need me to help you know right from wrong.


I’ve let go of the past and look ahead with anticipation,

Toward the joy of the future with great expectation.


Though the memories of your childhood are oh so good,

There’s nothing I’d change about you, even if I could.


“It takes a long time to grow an old friend.” Quote by John Leonard

I’m one of those people who just doesn’t make new friends very easily. I believe friendship is important, and that it is essential to one’s happiness, but I find it more difficult to make new friends as I get older. I find it more and more difficult to trust people and to open up to them. I find myself testing people more now, to see if they are the are the kind of person who knows what it is to be a real friend.

Since moving to Phoenix I have made a few new friends. However, lately, it’s the old friends that I find myself thinking about a lot. Maybe it’s because of my health situation that I’m going through, or maybe it’s because I’m just getting older. I’m not sure. But I’m missing some of my old friends. Some of them go back as far as grade school.

To my old friends, I miss you all so much. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen some of you and I have completely lost touch with many of you. Some of you probably don’t even remember me. Most of you will certainly will never see this blog.

For those I do have contact with, I don’t see any of you often enough. And, it is possible that I won’t see some of you ever again for one reason or another, but I think of you every day. I pray for your health and happiness, for your families and for you to feel that your life has been special. You were and are precious to me.

Some of you (you know who you are) are going through very rough times right now. I wish I could be by your side, holding your hand through all of it. In my heart I’m there. Please know that you are thought of and loved and that I am praying for you.

Some of you have seen me through the many tumultuous times in my life. You loved and accepted me when I couldn’t love and accept myself. You still love me and accept me when I have trouble loving and accepting myself, and I thank you. Your kind hearts, your understanding and your unconditional friendship have helped me more than you could possibly understand. I love you.

Some of you have abandoned our friendship because of those bad times. You won’t speak to me, email me, or acknowledge me in any way. I understand, and I forgive you. And I’m truly sorry for hurting you. I hope that you will forgive me, too. Either way, I still love you.

At least one of you has passed on before me. There is a “you-shaped” place in my heart that has never gone away. I will miss you until I day I meet you again in Heaven. Maybe then I’ll have the courage to tell you what you really mean(t) to me.

My memories of you, my old friends, are rich. I have lived, loved, learned and laughed with you all. You are my garden of flowers. So brilliant and beautiful, so varied and unique, each of you have enriched my life. I am blessed!

Flower Garden


Spark SparkPeople 

I signed up for SparkPeople again. I tried it once before, but I wasn’t as committed to my health and fitness as I am now, so I’ve got a new login, and a fresh start. This site works a lot like Weight Watcher’s Tools, but is FREE!!!  The whole site is free! You can use just the portions you want, or you can utilize the entire site, which is so full of helpful information, motivational tools, excercise plans, articles, message boards, medical information relating to diet and exercise, logs for nutrition, exercise, weight and measurements, your own personal Spark Page where you can blog and track your goals,  etc. It’s  really quite amazing!

I LOVE the Nutrition Log. I enter everything that I put in my mouth, including tea and water.  It will either calculate the calories and other nutritional information, or I can enter in something that is not yet on their site, using the nutrition information on the package. I can save my favorite foods so that I don’t have to work so hard to look them up each time.  If you want a diet set for you, there is that option as well, including shopping lists to purchase the required food for the recipes that they’ve set for you. Oh, and the RECIPES!! I’ve tried a few and they are delicious!

I also like the weight/measurements log. I try to weigh every day and log it. That works for me, though I know that weighing each day isn’t for everyone. I haven’t decided on how often I will do measurements, but probably about once a month.

You can get an exercise program, custom made for you, by you on SP as well. They actually demonstrate the proper way to do each exercise and give you an idea of how many reps/sets you should do based on your fitness level. You can log this on the site as well. So you know what you’re doing and it feels good to track it and mark each exercise off as you do it.

There are message boards for every thing you can imagine. I found one that I especially like with other folks who have problems with their thyroid. They have been a wonderful source of support and information. There are boards for people who like photography, bookworms, seniors, new mothers, people who have a certain amount of weight they want to lose and so much more! You can also start your own board if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

I’m really loving this website and I wanted to share it with the blogosphere for those of you who haven’t heard of it, and for those who maybe have heard, but haven’t checked it out yet. It is, in my humble opinion, the best free tool on the web for health and fitness.