10 Things About Me

1. I’m happily married and we celebrated our 8th anniversary on Feb. 26th, 2008.

2. I have a son (26 y/o) a daughter (24 y/o), a son-in-love (26 y/o), a stepson (15 y/o) and another stepson (11 y/o).

3. I love to read!

4. I love to take pictures!

5. I am a Christian. Jesus is my best friend!

6. I am not very political, but I do pay attention to the issues at election time and vote.

7. I love sports!! Watching, not playing.

8. I’m recovering from codependency. It’s a long road…but I’m getting there.

9. I am an office manager and love my job most of the time.

10. I am the oldest of four children.


3 thoughts on “10 Things About Me

  1. Sept 29,2008

    Hi Lynda
    I ran across your blog because I’m facing thyroid surgery to confirm if I have cancer or not. I have follicular cells and they want to take out 1/2 and test it and then if it is cancer have the entire thyroid taken out. I cannot find a doctor that I can trust. You commented on how good your doctor is and I wanted to know if you could give me his name. I live in Elk Grove, California which is very close to Sacramento. If possible I would love a reply from you. I’m very thankful you are doing good and do not have to go through anymore pain.
    Thank you for your comments, they help me understand what I am facing.

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