My First Bloggy Award

My first ever bloggie award comes from a wonderful young blogger (and close personal friend) at Sassybug’s Weblog. Sassybug is a high school math teacher now, but I remember being there with her momma in the delivery room the day she was born and watching her grow into the lovely and intelligent young woman that she is today. Her posts are insightful, funny and quite creative! Thank you, Sassybug, for this honor! It means so much to me!

The steps of this award are to list 6 things we love, then pass it on to 6 lovely bloggers.

Six Things I love:

  1. I love being a Christian. My faith is the most important aspect of my life. It defines who I am at the very core of my being. Finding a church family in Phoenix was so awesome! Now I finally feel totally at home here in the desert.
  2. I love my family. Each person in my family holds a very special place in my heart. I’d be lost without them. My relationships with my husband, kids, parents, grandparents, siblings (including in-laws), nieces and nephews,  aunts and uncles, and cousins…well they are timeless.  I am blessed to have a good relationship with most all of my family members. Their unconditional love for me has been my most cherished gift in my life.
  3. I love my friends. My old friends are my treasure (you know who you are) here on Earth. No matter where I am or what I’ve done they’ve loved me and encouraged me. I’d be lost without you, too. I’ve also been blessed to meet some new friends since moving to Phoenix and since I started blogging. My new friends are  growing in my heart as I get to know them and I’m so thankful for the new relationships in my life. It is wonderful having friends that live close to me that I can be with or interact with daily if I want to (or if they do).
  4. I love my pets. My three kitties and my dog enrich my life in a way that no person could. Their unconditional love makes me want to be a better human. Our fish are cool, too, and I love watching them, but my hubby takes care of them.
  5. I love books. Books have always been my favorite “thing” in the whole world. They were my first best friends.
  6. I love photography. Taking pictures is something I’ve always liked to do. I love seeing something beatuiful and capturing it for all time in film or in a digital format. I love recording the events and seasons of my life in a format that enables me to look back and remember how wonderful life was and is.

It is my honor to bless others with this award. There are so many truly creative bloggers out there, but since I can only choose 6 I will tag:

Blue Bamboo – Blue is a busy lady who is raising her “heart daughters” in such a positive and lovely way that I think anyone who reads her blog would admire all that she does for them. Blue’s blog makes me laugh and cry and always gives me something to think about.

Good Intentions – Kiki’s blog has given me so many belly laughs as she tells about her wonderfully imaginative daughter. I have also enjoyed getting to know a bit more about her as a wife, employee with many supervisory responsibilities, sister, daughter and friend.

In This House, I’m the Mama – Stephanie has had  incredible challenges as a stepparent and I appreciate the creative way she has shared her story with her blog readers. Steph has an amazing talent for writing her stories and making you feel like you’re right there experiencing the insanity along with her. She is also my cousin, so I’m incredibly privileged to know her personally and to count her as one of my closest friends.

Walking in the Valley of the Shadows  Shadowlands has used her talent for writing to get her though the most impossibly difficult time that anyone could go through…caring for her husband through his battle with cancer and losing him to this wretched disease. Her wonderful storytelling skills have allowed us to get to know her precious husband. She has also demonstrated a closeness with the Lord that can only be experienced in times of great trail. It has been a blessing to me to read her blog and to get to know her better. She has blessed me with a couple of emails where she sent me something that she thought could bless my heart. I think it speaks volumes that she was able to think of encouraging a friend that she’s met only through blog posts and emails while going through the darkest valley in her life.

A Journey Toward Healing and Heaven My friend Stacie, whom I met on a forum for Christians with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) has a beautiful blog full of her thoughts on her family, her illness and her relationship with the Lord. Her devotion to the Lord and her family inspires me each time I read her blog. She has a talent for poetry and writing as well as photography. Check out her blog if you want a real blessing.  (P.S. I don’t have CLL, but my dearest friend, Barb, has it and I joined the CLL CHRISTIAN FRIENDS forum in support of her. I’ve met many wonderful people there.)

Four Chances My friend Frank has a blog where he writes stories about his childhood, young adulthood, his family and even his cat! Frank has been very encouraging to me in my efforts to become a blogger; for this I am grateful! He is also an artist and shows some of his work at Within Crepsculum where he says: “This body of work explores how the irreversible transformation of fabric parallels our own aging process. In particular I am concerned about the moment when my ability to live independently begins a transition towards total dependence for life care.” Check it out! His work is quite intriguing.

I hope you all have fun choosing 6 things you love and then passing this award on to 6 lovely bloggers! I know I did!


8 thoughts on “My First Bloggy Award

  1. Dangit Sassybug. Now I can’t put Lynda in the list of my peeps on whom I would bestow this fantastic honor. Anyway, coseen, you absolutely deserve the honor, even though I’m going to have to hunt Sassybug down…

    I love your list of loves. It’s a good one. And you? Are one of my favorite people on earth. 🙂

  2. In reply to Stephanie, you can’t hunt me down because without Ms. Lynda I wouldn’t have a blog and I wouldn’t have an award to pass on so the blame is all on her, I am sure you know where she lives so let the chase begin!

  3. Wow, Lynda!!!
    Thank you for this honor. I never thought of my writing as skill…it has always been an extention of my thoughts and the life I live in my heart…

    I am so blessed to be in the company of those whom you chose…Stephanie, Frank, sassybug, Blue Bamboo and those I don’t know….I suppose that is the best of awards…

    You bless me more than I can bless you…

    Thank you, friend

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  5. I am quite taken by your wonderfully descriptive words when you speak of my blogs and of me. Thank you for selecting me as one of your choices. You pass as much strength to me to keep writing, as I encourage you to blog, blog, blog. The first comment you wrote on Fourchances To Gather came as such a surprise and then I could only feel happy that somehow you had made it there and let me know. Then you visited again and I became even happier. I shall hope that I can write as well now for this award as you did!! My best as always, Frank.

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