Rock Squirrels and Trains at the Grand Canyon

The weather during our Saturday visit to the Grand Canyon was rainy, windy and chilly. Though Rob had told me that I would be amazed at how friendly the squirrels at the Canyon are,  the little rodents were all in hiding. It didn’t matter that much; I still had a wonderful time and saw so many beautiful things that I soon forgot about seeing squirrels and chipmunks. Besides, we had already seen one of my favorite wildlife creatures EVER!!!. On our way into the National Park there were several vehicles pulled off to the side of the road. I looked over and saw several elk, including this big bull elk!!

 Sunday morning my hubby was up before the crack of dawn for crying out loud early. I got up a little while later, quite sleepy, but awake enough to grab a Diet Coke and sit in the recliner and yawn. Rob was a bit disappointed that the weather had been crummy for my first visit to the Grand Canyon and asked if I’d like to go back that morning before we went home, since the weather was now spectacular. My answer was to run in the bathroom and take the fastest 5 minute shower on record, get dressed, pack up all our stuff and haul it out to the vehicle as quickly as I could (he helped, of course). My wonderful sister in law fixed bacon and eggs for us , which we scarfed  down before we left.

After making a quick stop for gasoline we headed back to the park. This time we drove up through Williams and considered taking the Grand Canyon Railway, if we could find it without too much trouble. I tried calling 1-800-THE-TRAIN to see if I could get information on prices and departure times…but they weren’t open until 9:00 AM on Sundays…I was too early. We chose to just head to the Canyon and take the train another day figuring if they weren’t open yet that it would take too long to get there and back considering the limited amount of time we had that day. The picture to the left is my hubby watching as the train came into the station on Saturday. You can see the ground was all wet and the wipers on the engine were flapping as they pulled up.

We got to the South Rim about 9:00 and decided to park in the “A” parking lot and take the bus to the area that we had missed the day before. Instead of a dark angry looking sky there was lots of blue peeking out from behind the cotton candy clouds. This, apparently, made the squirrels as happy as it made us. They were out in force and very happy to see all the wonderful folks that just might have a tasty morsel in their pockets for them.


There are, as I understand it, several types of squirrels at the Grand Canyon. We saw Rock Squirrels. They are delightful little creatures that reminded me a bit of my youngest cat, kind of slinky and feline in their movements. One little grey squirrel took a special interest in a young boy, who was as facinated with the squirrel as the squirrel was with him! This young man’s daddy and I had a lot of fun photographing the interaction between the two of them!


 So, on this memorable weekend I got to see elk, squirrels, chipmunks (was too fast for me to photograph this time), trains, buildings, trees, birds, and best of all, THE GRAND CANYON!! It was a truly, wonderful weekend.



3 thoughts on “Rock Squirrels and Trains at the Grand Canyon

  1. That little boy totally reminded me of your Freddy!! Except that he couldn’t speak English!! But his personality was just a sweet and cute as Freddie’s.

  2. Great Pics. I finally had to bring my computer home to see these. The serve at school won’t let them load.

    We have been trying to get to the Grand Canyon for years but I refuse to go unless we can stay at El Tovar, I want the trip to be magical as it appears yours was! I can’t wait. Maybe this year.

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