Barren Tree on the South Rim

Barren Tree on the South Rim, originally uploaded by lyndaspix2004.

After living in Arizona for nearly three years I finally got to go to the Grand Canyon!! My husband and sister-in-law planned a trip for us to go this past weekend.

Saturday it was raining and quite foggy in the canyon when we got there, but it cleared up some and we were able to see all the way across.

Because of the weather being so crummy on Saturday, my husband wanted to take me back up on Sunday, so we went again! I got some more great photos and will be posting more over the next few weeks.

This picture is taken from the South Rim.


7 thoughts on “Barren Tree on the South Rim

  1. Lynda, that picture is beautiful. I love the beauty of the south west– it’s a stunning combination of desolate and strength.

    If you ever, ever get the chance, go see Bryce Canyon. I think it’s only about five hours from Phoenix, but I could be wrong. It is unreal in pictures, unbelievable in person.

  2. I would love to see Bryce Canyon, Blue! Hopefully I’ll make it there someday!

    I love the beauty of the Southwest, too. It took a while, but it is truly feeling like home to me now.

  3. Oh Lyn that is so beautiful. I will never capture things in pictures as you do, you do such a wonderful job. I have to agree with Blue, I have never seen Bryce, but mom and dad got to go one time on a visit to NM. Sis and V took them and daddy even thought it was great.

  4. Been to Bryce! I could send you pictures. We took hundreds, I am not kidding. There is a great place to stay right out side the Canyon called Ruby’s. Nothing real fancy but they have an indoor pool, 3 restaurants, and an old fashion boardwalk with little shops. This would be a fun place for the dudes. If you go the road is one way in and back out the same way, my advice, drive all the way to the end with out stopping then work your way back out stopping to see the sights. If you do it that way the sights will get more amazing as you go. We went reverse and saw the great wow factor first and then the rest didn’t seem to measure up.

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