I’m Melting!!! (Well, not anymore, but I was!)

Friday I get a call from my husband informing me that it was 88 degrees in our house and rising rapidly. Our A/C was out. This is not good news in Arizona in August. It was 108 degrees outside and it was FRIDAY!!

Thankfully we were able to get someone to the house to check out the A/C. Bad news. He said it would cost at least $1200 to fix it, but it would probably break again within a year so we should really consider getting a new one. They’re only $5000+!!!!!!!!!

We decided to get a second opinion on Monday (today) and then talk to the bank about financing.

Yesterday, after both of us being hot and crabby for three days, my husband said to me, “Call someone and get them here today!” So I did. I got online and found Redco Construction. It was 1:30 PM when I called them and the very nice girl on the other end of the line said that someone would be out between 2:30 and 3:30. He was there by 2:30!

This guy was so nice and the company is a small mom and pop business (http://www.redcoelectric.com/). He climbed up on the roof and checked things out and prepared his estimate – $560 to fix the same things that the guy who came on Friday said would cost over $1200! He said that at some point we should consider getting a new, more energy efficient A/C someday but emphasized that it was not necessary at this point in time. This one could absolutely be repaired.

I felt bad for the repairman, it was at least 108 while he was up on the roof working, but within an hour of signing off on the estimate our house was cooling down from a stifling 90+ degrees to a comfortable 78 degrees by the time we went to bed.

Hubby was happy. Kitties were happy. Dog was happy. Fishes were happy.

Ahhhh…what a great night’s rest!


10 thoughts on “I’m Melting!!! (Well, not anymore, but I was!)

  1. There is NOTHING worse than the A/C not working in the dog days of summer. Seriously.

    Glad you got an honest repairman out there who could give you a decent estimate and put your fears to rest.

    Glad you got a good night’s sleep, too. 🙂

  2. What is with some of these repairmen. Guess why we eat hamburgers they eat steak. Glad you got it fixed. I can only imagine. I always say I am not sugar, I will not melt when I get wet, I am chocolate and I melt when it gets hot. Stay cool.

  3. I have been in Arizona during the summer and there is no substitution for A/C….I don’t know how you made it through 3 days….

    Glad you got that second opinion…maybe that is the new sales pitch…scare people into buying new units by tellng them when it is over 100 degrees outside…very effective…

  4. We own a small business and usually charge less than the competition. Our customers sometimes don’t seem to appreciate the lower price. But they can go to the “big guys and pay if they want. We always give an estimate.

  5. Why have I never understood you are in Arizona? We lived there nearly 10 years and I miss it terribly. We were in Scottsdale and Paradise valley and only once we were without air conditioning in the summer and only for the afternoon but I did not like that at all!! A friend of ours was born, raised and lives in Mesa and she tells stories of sleeping on porches on wet sheets to stay cool. Can you imagine what that feels like? I’m glad you got the cool back!! I was surprised when I clicked to come here because I was so sure I had written you. OOps…..old age creeping in!!

    Take Care Lynda,

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