Wyoming Trip 079, originally uploaded by lyndaspix2004.

This is my Grandad. He’s well into his 80’s now, but I think he still looks pretty darned handsome! Don’t you? I took this photo of him back in November of 2007 when I took the other Wyoming photos I posted in March. His health hasn’t been good lately, and I was thinking about him today.

When I was really little I used to like to help Grandad do chores around the place where they lived. Many times he’d go to pull back the hammer to pound in a nail only to have my little red head right there in his way and he’d have to stop! One time he swatted me and sent me back to the house. I cried all the way, rubbing my bottom dramatically while I told Grammy that Grandad “broke my little heart”. He probably had to break my little heart several times before I kept my little noggin out of the way.

Grandad has been the one man in my life who has always been there for me, right from the beginning, for my whole life. I can remember the summers spent with Grandad and Grammy in Wyoming as vividly as if they were yesterday. I used to love going to work with him…and he took me, even though I probably made his job a lot tougher.

Every morning we woke up at 6:00 to the radio blaring the Star Spangled Banner. That was his alarm clock; it was in the kitchen and you could hear it through the whole house! Grandad always liked Cream of Wheat for breakfast, and I remember making him a special bowl at ceramics class, one with a handle on it, for him to slurp his hot cereal out of. We would have our breakfast and off to work we’d go. I have no doubt his job would have been easier without me tagging along, but I think he liked having me with him as much as I liked being there.

Grandad took me to church, he prayed with me and prayed for me. He paid for me to go to church camp and watched my little programs at Bible School when I was younger. Even when the rest of the family would stay home because it was snowing or something, Grandad and I would go to church. And afterwards we would go with my friend, Bonnie, and her dad, Don, to the Village Inn for cokes and dessert.

Grandad and I have a running joke where he says I’m a donkey and I say he is one… It’s okay, you don’t have to think it’s funny! But it is funny to us!!

Grandad has been there through all the times in my life, good and bad. I’m so grateful for being allowed to love him for 46+ years.

I love you Grandad.


4 thoughts on “Grandad

  1. Hey sis…do you remember going gunnysacking 🙂 He’d drop us off with gunnysacks and we’d walk down each side of the road picking up cans. So much fun!!

    Oh oh oh and getting to ride in the bucket on his tractor…and planting taters.

    oh oh oh and sitting on his lap watching Barney Miller.

    So many awesome memories.

  2. I love those memories, too. Although my memories are different than yours, he’s the same Grandad. I’m glad he was there for you, for me, for all of us. I LOVE that picture you took.

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