Parental Guidance Suggested!

I was checking out The Smirking Cat’s blog and saw that she had posted a badge that indicated her blog is rated PG! So of course I had to be a copy cat and find out what mine would be rated.

I, too, am PG…because I used the word “pissed” twice and the word “dangerous” once. HUH???

Oh well, here is my badge!

If you want your own badge, you can click on mine to get to the site.


2 thoughts on “Parental Guidance Suggested!

  1. Alright. Well, I’m PISSED that your blog is PG because you used those words. Have you watched Short Circuit lately? It’s only rated PG, but it’s DANGEROUS for kids because of its language. And Shrek? It uses some interesting language – but it’s only G, I think. Where DO they come up with these ratings? Seriously…

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