Outraged Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe It!!

9 charged in death of disabled Philly teen

The story linked above is just so horrendous that I can’t believe it! A disabled 14 year old girl was neglected by not only her family, but also by Social Services, the two entities that were SUPPOSED to be making sure these child’s needs for nutrition, health care and education were met. And not only was she neglected, she DIED! She died a horrible, terrible, awful death!

The article quotes the district attorney, speaking about the Department of Human Services saying:  

“Danieal did not fall through the cracks,” she said. “It was a failure of institutional inclination. Saving Danieal was just too much trouble.”

I can’t tell you how angry I feel right now…it’s beyond description. If this mother didn’t want to take care of her disabled daughter she should have let people who do want to care for special needs kids have her and love her! There are many out there who open their homes to children with disabilities. My grandparents opened their home to foster children, several of whom had special needs, and all of whom needed love.

I read many blogs of stepmoms who fight for their kids to have normal lives because their biological mothers don’t have it in them to care for their kids…I have a family member who had their parental “rights” revoked over something much less heinous than this! There are people who DO care. I read your blogs every day. I know you care! I know you love your kids.

THIS KIND OF THING SHOULDN’T HAPPEN! It’s outrageous!! What’s wrong with these people???? Where were the special advocates this time? Check out what the article says about the DHS Social worker’s efforts:

“He did not complete a single investigation or risk assessment,” the report said. “Indeed, his file on the family was buried at the bottom of a filing-cabinet-sized box, beneath food wrappers and unopened envelopes relating to other children’s cases.”

I’m appalled. I’m horrified. I’m outraged!


3 thoughts on “Outraged Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe It!!

  1. Unbelievable. But kind of not. It seems like people just don’t care about their children. Neither does the State. As evidenced by their lack of concern when Shaggy, Velma and Daphne were living in filth to the degree that they could not find clothing that was NOT covered in animal feces and it “didn’t rise to the level of a home visit,” no one really cares until something permanent–like death–happens. You’re right, though. It’s appalling, horrifying… and definitely outrageous. I simply can’t understand how people can sleep at night knowing that there are children in those kinds of situations, children like Danieal… children like mine. They should be ashamed!

  2. being in law enforcement for several years, I have seen some gut wrenching parenting. I have posted a few stories about how child welfare leaves a lot to be desired. I see parents use kids to hurt their ex. I have seen foster parents that only want more kids to get a bigger check. I have seen the people get approval for more kids.

    It is not a pretty world and if I had money, I would build a home big enough to care for all these neglected children. It just breaks my heart.

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