Key to Success?

 If at first you don’t succeed, you’re running about average.

– Unknown

I’m not sure, sometimes, how to measure success or failure. One thing I do believe is that, for me, the biggest failure is failing to start over when I know I’ve failed.

I have started so many things in my life, and followed through on relatively few of them. I wonder what I might be doing in my life today if not for the failure to follow through. Perhaps I’d be doing a job that I love more than the one I have right now (that wouldn’t really be too difficult). Maybe I’d have that college degree by now.

Anyway, the things I want to follow through on TODAY, THIS WEEK and THIS YEAR are:

  1. Get some exercise every week…at least 30 minutes three times a week.
  2. Make better decisions about food, watch/control portions.
  3. Take more photos of things/people that I love.
  4. Call the people I love more often.
  5. Smile and laugh more.

These are things that I would like be more successful at doing. Not a bad list, eh?


4 thoughts on “Key to Success?

  1. That is a very good list Lynda. I could use it very easily but I think I will need to add a couple more things I need to make sure I do more often.

    The photo is very nice!

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