Black and White rose

Black and White rose, originally uploaded by lyndaspix2004.

Frank kindly made some suggestions on how to make my rose even prettier, so I went in and tried to figure out how to implement his ideas.

Frank, you’ll have to let me know if this is close to what you had in mind.

I like the effect of the whiter tones. Let me know what you all think? Is this one better?


4 thoughts on “Black and White rose

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes Lynda, the black and white rose speaks so much now of possible youth, possible adult remembrance of 1st love or even a very poignant innocence that could be of a hoped for love. When art makes a person form more than one idea within a concept it works. Now you have presented a work that can be interpreted in multiple ways, but also the lights and dark’s, the negative and positive spaces and the light and contrast have come into balance even though there are many more levels.

    I really like this photo. Thank you so much for sharing and caring and allowing me to comment.

    My best to you and your photos,

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