Black and White Rose

Black and White rose, originally uploaded by lyndaspix2004.

I’ve been playing around with a few of my photos. I am trying Picnik for some of my photo editing. Let me know what you think about my Black and White Rose!

This photo was taken at a family member’s home on Easter in 2006.


3 thoughts on “Black and White Rose

  1. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

    How you coming on that gallery thing? Seriously, you should find one and display your work. It’s breathtaking.

  2. The black and white rose is very romantic. Putting its outer leaves in the same level of blue is what makes it so fragile and creates two personalities for the rose, one of strength and one of possibly the flitter of new love, or the remembrance of of old love.

    A question and suggestion–I hope you don’t mind Lynda.
    Do you have a photo editing program at home. You might want to download a shareware program and experiment even more. Secondly, and this is only from the artist in me I see parts of the black that are black, black, but there isn’t a white- white in the whites. A little stark whiteness, not much, in the rose would then make me think of the rose as the metaphor of a person, expressing its youth by the stark whiteness and its maturity because the rose is in full bloom and changes from stark white to grays, from clarity to blur.

    And yes, go find that gallery!!

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