Happy Birthday Son!!

Today my son turns 26! I spoke with him this morning and he was busy riding his horse and working to prepare for Cheyenne Frontier Days. He’s in the Air Force, that’s his real job. But he has many other jobs as well. Some of them are more fun than others, even though they’re all hard work.

I remember so well the day I found out that I was going to have him. I was full of anticipation, excitement, joy and, mostly, love. I loved being pregnant with him. I was only 19 when he was conceived…and 20 when he was born. I didn’t know much about being a mom, but I knew a lot about loving my son even before he was born.

He is a Wyoming kid through and through. He loves hunting, horses and hiking. He’s been shooting a bow since he was big enough to hold one and pull it back. He enters a lot of shooting tournaments, sometimes winning!

Randy, if you read this, I love you more than words can say. I’m so proud of you and even more proud to be your mom.  You’re in my thoughts and prayers every day. I miss you and hope to see you someday soon.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Son!!

  1. This is most wonderful tribute, and a great picture. Congratulations on parenting such a great young man!

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