Christmas in July

As I wrote in this post, I’ve been needing to shed some pounds and to start eating better and more low carb. My hubby has been really supportive of me, stressing that he loves me just the way I am, but if I want to lose weight to feel better and be healthier that he’s going to support me in that, too. Today he bought me this: 


 Now I’ve really got my work cut out for me! I’m so excited—I can’t wait to get home and put it all together and take a walk!

Thanks honey!! And thanks for hauling this beast up the stairs for me! I owe you a massage!


6 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. BOO-YAH! Kudos to hubby.

    You will eventually come to love that thing. I bought an elliptical machine a few months ago and man oh man – I feel amazing. Not overly concerned with shedding pounds, mostly with being healthy and toning up!

  2. Good luck! My husband wants to find a place here to put the one his dad will give us, but uuuuuhhhhh, I just don’t know where it would fit. Those things are just too big. =P

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