Lions and Lambs

“It is better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand days as a lamb.”

– Roman proverb

Lions and lambs – have you ever thought about them? Have you thoroughly considered the life each one leads?

The Lion is a leader, the King of the Jungle, a cunning and fierce warrior. He is the protector and the keeper of his domain. The Lion bravely protects its family (pride) from intruders and the lioness is a mighty hunter. He is loyal to himself AND his family. He doesn’t have to separate the two.

The Lamb, is a follower, content to be fed by its master, protected and kept safe from harm by those who watch over it. It has never had an original idea, or thought. Sure, it’s sweet, and cute…but it is also pretty helpless. It does what it is told, and its life isn’t bad…but it’s always the same.

Many times in my life I’ve been like the lamb. Emotionally waiting for someone else to care for me, because I sure didn’t care about myself. Lying down and giving up my own thoughts, dreams and ideas in hopes that in so doing I could gain the approval of those who I considered stronger, wiser and better suited to take on the challenges of the lion.

I was a doormat. Not only to my husband, but to my kids, my family, my friends and my church family. If someone said , “JUMP!” I’d say, “How high?” If they would tell me what they wanted I would move Heaven and Earth to get it for them. But I didn’t take care of myself, nor did I think would be okay to do so. I was lost to me. And lost is a bad, bad place to be.

I’m trying out the Lion’s role more now. I’m still a little tentative at times, but it’s getting easier. I have given myself permission to take care of me without feeling guilty! I go to the doctor when I need to, get massages, buy nice clothes and get my hair cut and styled regularly. I take the time to do things I enjoy, like photography, attending baseball games and reading good books.  I’ve mustered up the courage to do things I never thought I’d be able to do, like writing and posting my own photos on a blog for anyone and everyone to critique. When I see something that I want (education, better health, etc.) I go and get it (plan, work, save, expect). Life is to be lived and enjoyed. And it’s about making a difference in this world.

While I believe that a well rounded  life is a complimentary mix of both lion and lamb days, the lion days are delightful whereas the lamb days feel more like merely existing.


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