My Husband Says My Blog Is Boring…

I know, I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. I have been busy with stepsons, my daughter and her husband visiting from Colorado, work, a birthday party (the big 5-0 for my sis-in-law) and I’ve been reading a good book that I have a hard time putting down (Spencerville by Nelson DeMille).

It’s been even longer since I posted any of my pix. But, since the kids were visiting this weekend and since we also had the birthday party I do have some fun things to add today.


This is my daughter, Laurie, and her husband, Cody. They flew in Thursday and went home to Colorado on Sunday. Aren’t they the cutest couple ever?

This is Ziggy, who is all dressed up in his grass skirt and lei for his momma’s birthday party.



6 thoughts on “My Husband Says My Blog Is Boring…

  1. Love the colors from the flowers, they are pretty!

    My husband critiques my blog stats and points out that period where hits go down is not what is supposed to be happening. Husbands are dumb sometimes.

  2. Lynda,
    The pictures of your flowers are absolutely outstanding. I could use you to take some pictures of flowers in my garden this year. I need to take time to do that, record so some other day I can say I grew that…….

    But yours are so good, they are almost surreal. How do you get them so — what spectacular. And your husband says this blog is boring……..hmmmmmn don’t think so!!

  3. Hey what is your hubbys blog address I wanna read it. Your pics are great as always. your blog is not boring, wanna read mine…….

  4. Indeed – gorgeous pics, beautiful daughter, unboring blog. 🙂

    Spencerville (shudder) – that one kept me up at night. Love DeMille, though. He’s my fave!

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