Nothing More Is Needed!

I went to my post surgery appointment with my endocrinologist this morning. It was brief, but very good. I absolutely do NOT need to undergo the radioactive iodine treatment!! HOORAY! That has been my greatest fear all along, and it was laid to rest this morning, once and for all. I will have to have ultrasounds done a couple of times a year to ensure that there are no undetected recurrences of the cancer, but those are completely painless. 

I’m blessed to have one of the best endocrinologists in the country as my doctor, thanks to a good family friend and his connections in the medical community. I do not take this for granted…not one bit. I am so grateful!

I am really, truly thankful for my family doctor, who detected that something was amiss with my thyroid during a routine examination and followed up by having me get an ultrasound way back in October 2007. She’s a wonderful doctor, and is becoming a trusted friend, too. God is so good to place the right people in our lives at just the right time and place.

The only hurdle left is to get my medication level right. I know this can sometimes be a long process, but I’m good with that. The worst is totally behind me and I have no phobia about needles or having blood drawn so all is well with my world! I can do this! With God’s help I have done this!!

Thank you, again, all those who have prayed, commented on my blog posts, emailed me and supported me. A finer “support group” could not be found.



7 thoughts on “Nothing More Is Needed!

  1. Blessings abound! You pulled through like a trooper, everything else is cake, compared to what you’ve already been through!


  2. Hello. I just found this comment just now. My wife is scheduled for a full thyroidectomy by the head of ENT surgery at Johns-Hopkins, on 9/18 this year. She has two nodules, one at 1cm and one slightly smaller. They were found incidentally during a head exam after she was in a car accident.

    The larger one, 1cm, was found malignant (papillary carcinoma) and the other was recently found benign. We searched everywhere… everywhere… for answers and help. She is a naturopathic person and we looked at so many options. Supplements, dietary… you name it. We implemented some of it but the research and constant worry were too much.

    After consulting with several traditional doctors as well, we found this one and have been given greater confidence. He is an expert and does smaller incisions as well. He does not think I-131 is necessary either, a huge relief for us.

    We are concerned about having her gland removed. She obviously is very attached to it (heh). 🙂 This is a very painful decision, and we struggle over whether that’s “okay” to feel. So many people just say, “Okay rip it out.” But I guess everyone is different. My wife is not that way.

    We are still praying for size reduction from our naturopathic methods, when she has a final ultrasound done pre-surgery. Or some other positive change or influence. But if not, we hope and pray that this is the right decision. Some people/websites/blogs/etc. are positive… others decidedly not. The same with all things, but it makes this so hard.

    So I am relieved to find things such as this comment. It adds a notch to the “positive” belt. Thank you…

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