Summer’s Here

In all it’s truly blazing glory, it seems that summer has arrived in Phoenix. It’s 106 degrees in the shade right now.

I hate this awful heat.

I guess I should be grateful; we had a good, long stretch of nice weather.  I really didn’t expect it to last this far into May.

It’s time to start carrying a potholder, to open my car doors, in my purse again.

Yeah, I’m a complete and total weenie when it comes to heat.  I’m a Wyoming Girl for crying out loud. You know, Wyoming, where there are actually FOUR seasons!!


4 thoughts on “Summer’s Here

  1. I feel your pain, not as badly but I feel it too. we had frost a week and a half ago, yesterday was 92, and today will be as well. I miss those wyoming spring nights where you need a jacket if you go out but my favorite part is going to bed with all of the heavy winter blankets on the bed but having the bedroom window open. I love waking up when all all around you is cool and smells fresh and new but you are toasty warm, not hot, under all of those covers. I think those are the nights when I slept the best, maybe they have ruined me as I get so few good nights rest (that could also be a product of a crazy adult life as opposed to a worry free childhood but I wish to believe it is the lack of coll spring nights and mornings).

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