Kids Say the Funniest Things!

My youngest stepson, B., is such a clown. He’s funny and loveable and totally enjoys being the center of attention. He’s half Asian, he’s proud of it, and this has led him to say some hilarious stuff.

“Thai. That’s Thai, like in Thailand, not Taiwan!” he spouted,  with a look that said “you’re so stupid” on his little 8 year old face, when asked a few years ago what KIND of Asian he is. Hahaha!

One of my husband’s favorite nicknames for B. is “Secret Asian Man”. We call him that often, and ask for Secret Asian Man sometimes when we call him at home.

B. gets a great tan every summer, so he’s also, affectionately, known as “Mr. Brownstone”.

“See how BROWN I am!”, he’ll say to my hubby. They always compete to see who is browner, and my hubby swears he is browner, but, really, B. always wins. (Hubby disputes this, but it is true.)

Tonight we picked the dudes up and took them to a new fast food place we just found a couple of weeks ago. We’re sitting out on the patio visiting (read: boys and dad are verbally hammering each other the entire time and thinking it’s hysterically funny), eating and having a good time.

During the course of this family outing my oldest stepson, N., started talking about the time that my daughter felt it necessary to drag 6 year old B. from the hot tub at the recreation center they were at because she thought the guy in the hot tub was trying to be a little too friendly with our little Secret Asian Man. She protects her little brothers at any cost! (No children were harmed, she’s just very cautious.)

My hubby joked that the man was trying to have a “dangerous liason” with B. That totally cracked N. up and he was guffawing loudly when B., who swears he really did hear his dad say “dangerous liason”, pipes up and says, ” That guy thought I was DANGEROUSLY ASIAN!”

I was laughing so hard I would have shot lettuce across the table if I’d have had a bite of salad in my mouth!  I had tears streaming down my face! 

 Yep, this is why we moved back to Arizona.


4 thoughts on “Kids Say the Funniest Things!

  1. During Church on Sunday I had quite a time trying not to laugh as we sang “I Come to the Garden Alone” and my mother-in-laws cousin mentioned that that song was sung at her mothers funeral but I could help but remember that email about the child asking his mother after singing just that him who Andy was…”Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me, Andy tells me…”

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