The Frustration Continues

‘Tis the season for the continuing saga of frustrations.

I was supposed to see my surgeon on the 6th at 3:00 PM. At 2:44, that day, his assistant called to say that he was in surgery and we needed to reschedule. I was in my car. On the way to his office. I did not hear my phone ring (I had my radio on and I have some hearing impairment so I have it louder than most, I guess). UGH! Oh well, I’m rescheduled to this afternoon (Friday) at 3:00. I understand that surgery sometimes takes longer than they think, but it’s annoying when I’ve already driven 15 miles to their office for an appointment that isn’t going to take place. Guess I shouldn’t play the radio in case they decide to call again today.

Yesterday on my way to work I turned my head to the left to check my blind spot before changing lanes and noticed some pain. I reached up and felt my neck on the left side. Great! Swollen glands…pretty severely swollen actually. I’m not in a terrible amount of pain, but was thinking that since this is happening so close to my having had surgery I should get it checked out. I was going to wait until this afternoon when I see my surgeon, but my husband thought I should see our family doctor yesterday so I did. She was concerned. She sent me for a CT scan of my neck and prescribed antibiotics. Hopefully I’ll know more today.

Oh, and the appointment with the endocrinologist that I set up three weeks prior to surgery for three weeks post surgery (that would be six weeks in advance by my calculations.) ? I set it up for 8:00 AM on the 8th of May, way back in the last week of March. They couldn’t find it. And now I can’t get in until the 21st. So I’m running out of the temporary prescription for Synthroid and still have two weeks after it runs out before I can see him…spectacular. Of course I’ll discuss with my surgeon this afternoon and he’ll give me another 30 days, I’m sure, but still…can’t these people just get it right the first time? These are people’s lives they’re messing with. Our jobs, our families and our health depend on them getting it right!!

So I’m crabby, not feeling real well and I’m at work…and I should be working, not writing this post. Now that I’ve vented I’m going to get busy working, I’ve got plenty to do and only part of the normal work day to do it. Thanks for letting me vent!


One thought on “The Frustration Continues

  1. Screwy doctors…. what a PITA.

    When it rains, it pours – eh, my friend?
    I hope the meds work to reduce your swelling + pain and you feel better soon.

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