Post Surgery…

I can’t express enough gratitude for all your prayers and good thoughts for me while I was in the hospital and having surgery! I got out on Tuesday evening after dinner. I spent most of the day yesterday in bed, scarfing down pain pills and moaning while watching baseball and basketball!

My thyroidectomy, which I learned in the hospital is also called a thyroid resection, went very well. They were only able to detect a very small amount of cancer in the early biopsy, so it is possible that I am completely cured! Of course I won’t know this for sure until we get the official biopsy report and I see both of my doctors in early May, approximately three weeks after my surgery.

The wheels of information still turn very slowly…too slowly for my liking and I am finding myself feeling very impatient and frustrated with the little amount that I do know and in how long it will take to really know anything for certain.

Here’s what I do know:

My surgery took about 4 hours.

They found a 3mm spot of papillary cancer in the left nodule. There may be more, but I don’t know yet. The results of my biopsy will tell more. My surgeon indicated that I might NOT have to go through the RAI treatment with such a small amount of cancer. But he also said that would be up to my endocrinologist to decide and would also be based on the final biopsy report.

Results of my biopsy report should be available on April 24th (10 days post surgery!). I was originally told that I’d have the results two days post surgery…not so, darn it!!

Morphine is good for quick pain relief, if you don’t mind throwing up.

Percocet is really good for longer term pain relief and doesn’t make me feel like barfing.

I’ll fill you in on the rest of the details later. Right now I really need to lie down and get some rest. I actually went out and ate lunch in a restaurant this afternoon and now I’m beat.

I’m posting a thumbnail, you can click for a bigger picture if you aren’t queasy. The incision, which is approximately 3.5″, is taped over so it’s not really that gross.

Thyroid surgery incision.


8 thoughts on “Post Surgery…

  1. Whew. I am so glad that you are doing well! The preliminary reports sound so encouraging, and I hope that trend continues.

    And it looks like it will be a scar that will blend into how your neck creases?

  2. Nice battlescar sis! I thought I’d give you a few days before I call, although talking to you when you’re hopped up on pain meds could be interesting 🙂

  3. I am so happy that the surgery was successful and you’re recuperating. I’ve been thinking about you right along with everyone else. Rest up!

  4. It is good to read that things went well and that you were able to get out for lunch…As you came to my mind, I prayed for you and I will continue to do so…
    I think that you received good news…and I am hoping that the biopsy will confirm that the cancer is GONE!!!

  5. Hi Lynda…..

    Thank you so much for your post!!! I just found out that I too will have a Thyroidectomy. I have Grave’s Disease, post radiation therapy for Hodgkin’s Disease, so no possibility of RAI for me. I am in Arizona and was wondering who your surgeon is. I’m in the west Valley but would gladly travel for a good surgeon!!! Good luck for a speedy recovery, which it sounds as if you’re having :-)!!!

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