New Surgery Date

Hi all, this is just a quick post to let those who are reading my blog know that my total thyroidectomy surgery date has been postponed to April 14th. My doctor had the time to do the surgery on the 9th, but the hospital he works out of didn’t have a operating room until the 14th. I think I really want an operating room for this procedure, so I guess I’ll wait a few more days. 🙂

In some ways it works out better, because I was planning on a Monday return to work and this way I’ll have seven full days off, instead of just five, to recuperate from surgery. My doctor said I should be able to return to normal activity in 3-5 days after my operation, so I figure that I should feel pretty good over the weekend before having to return to work on the 21st!

I appreciate all the wonderful support and good wishes from those of you who read my blog. You’re a wonderful group of people and I’m blessed to know you through your comments to my posts and through your own blogs! You enrich my life immeasurably! Thank you!


One thought on “New Surgery Date

  1. 12 days to go. I hope after the 12 days are over that you heal quickly, both body and mind. I know this waiting has been agonizing. I still pray for you every day. Love you cuzzin’!

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