Did you hear the one…?

Did you hear the one about the German woman who went in to get an operation on her leg and ended up with a new anus? No, this is not a joke…it really freakin’ happened!! Surgery Tray

Even worse – Did you hear about the patient who went in for surgery to have a CANCEROUS kidney removed?…The doctor removed the wrong kidney!

Makes me more than a little nervous to be facing surgery in less than a month!

I know, I know, medical mistakes like this are rare …but unfortuantely, and obviously, they do happen!

Do you think it’s possible I could go in for thyroid surgery and come out thin (liposuction) and beautiful (face job) with perky BIG breasts (breast augmentation)???? Hmmmm…I doubt it.

Hey Doc, Watch Where You’re Cutting! A Lesson in Medical Mishaps


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