Scheduling Frustration, continued.

I called the surgeon’s assistant at 8:30 this morning and got the answering machine informing me that their hours are 9:00-5:00. So, I called back at 8:59 and, after holding for a full 2 minutes, talked to Christy, Dr. V’s assistant. Christy said that Dr. V was/is available on April 9th, as was originally set up, however, the hospital didn’t have an operating room available until April 14th!!! She truly sounded as incredulous as I am that they had no openings even that far out and apologized profusely. What could I say?

Since I don’t really want my surgery performed in a closet somewhere, I shall continue to wait…but, if they move me out of that April 14th slot I think my head may pop off and surgery will no longer be needed! 🙂

I have my pre-op appointment on March 26th and I plan to take a list of questions with me (thanks to Stephanie I have an excellent start on that list!) and if anyone out there has been through this and has any suggestions on questions I might need to ask I’d appreciate the input! 

Thanks for all the good wishes, thoughts and prayers. They are a great encouragement to me. Even though I know that the survival rate for this type of cancer is excellent, this has still been a pretty scary time for me.


3 thoughts on “Scheduling Frustration, continued.

  1. The waiting part is the worst, isn’t it!!! But time will fly by and April will be here soon. Meanwhile you have a place to just share your thoughts and get support and feedback from your online pals. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Aaaaahhhh! How could they have these kinds of things happening? Seriously. The waiting would make me crazy. It IS making me crazy and I’m not even YOU! Well, at least you have a firmer firm date than you had before. 🙂

    Hang in there. It will come soon and you’ll be all through it. I am glad you have support from the blogosphere, your family, and your friends. Still praying for you.

  3. My friend’s husband blew out his knee and has to talk around with torn whatever for a month before he can get in for surgery – no openings until April on this side of the valley either!

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