Viral Linking?!?

Kiki tagged me, so here goes. Copy and paste text below. Tag others.

The benefits of Viral Linking:
1.One of the fastest ways to see your technorati authority explode!
2.Increase your Google PageRank fast
3.Attract large volume of new traffic to your site
4.Build your community
5.Make new friends!

Linky Love Tag
The Strategist Notebook
Link Addiction
Ardour of the Heart
When Life Becomes a Book
The Malaysian Life
What goes under the sun
Roshidan’s Cyber Station
Sasha says
Arts of Physics
And the legend lives
My View, My Life
A Simple Life
Juliana RW
Mom Knows Everything
Beth & Cory’s Mom
A Mind Forever Voyaging
enjoying the ride
Jennifer’s thoughts
Mom of 3 Girls
Don’t Make Me Get The FlyingMonkeys
ExPat Mom
Just JessieWilson Six
Nuttier Than You
ShonnteSummer’s Nook
Laura Williams Musings
Melissa’s Idea Garden
Eve atConfessions of an Everyday Housewife
ChristiS of the Blah Blah Blog
Stephanie at Stop the Ride!
Diane at Soap, Blings & Girly Things
Amanda at Amanda:Mama’s Musings
Kristin at An Ordinary Life
Mama Zen at The Zen of Motherhood
Atomik Kitten
The Sassy Southerner
A Room of Mama’s Own
Exploring Autumn
Immoral Matriarch: Catechizer
Real Life
Living and loving every minute of it
The Daily Rhythm
The Rocky Mountain Retreat
A Mom’s Life
Jo Beaufoix
Ribbon Rock Star
Jen at Absolutely Bananas
Lori at Fairytales and Margaritas
Blue Momma Life in the Fishbowl
Diary Of A Housewife
Not That I Don’t Love My Kids
Momo Fali
what it’s like to be me
Maleah Rebecca
The Blogs of life
Sybil Law
Celtic Rose

I’ve heard it’s working. Can’t hurt, right? So to drive more traffic, I tag:

 1. Clevergirl at Clever Escape


2. Pretty Little Girls


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