The “C” Word – Part 3

A few days after getting my pathology report, and after playing phone tag with Dr. K. (who is also T.’s dad), I spoke with Dr. K and read him the report and he offered to help in any way he could. (Bless him God, I mean it!) I told him that I wanted to know more about the surgeon that Dr. M referred me to and asked for his advice on whether I should see an endocrinologist. He said that he thought I should definitely seen an endocrinologist and that he’d do something checking and get back to me.

 The next morning while I was at work, I got a call from Dr. K. He said he had done a lot of checking on things and had arranged for me to see one of the top endocrinologists in the country THAT AFTERNOON! He also said he had check on the surgeon that Dr. M referred me to and said that he was just one year out of residency. Yikes! That scared me a little bit. He assured me that Dr. D, the guy I was going to see that afternoon would recommend someone with considerable experience and then he gave me the information to call and set up the appointment for that afternoon.

I called for my appointment, it was set for 1:00, and then called my husband  I ran home, got my hubby and we met my aunt and uncle at the doctor’s office. Dr. D is pretty awesome. He really is one of the top guys, as in the guy who writes papers on Thyroid Cancer the treatment of this beast. He also is a speaker at the endocrinologist conventions, so he teaches this stuff as well as practices it. I felt comforted. I felt more like I could breathe.

He did his own ultrasound of my thyroid and then we discussed surgeons. I expressed concern with having a surgeon who was only one year out of residency doing my surgery, and he agreed that it was better to have someone who is very experienced in this type of surgery doing mine.  I told him, “I want to know who YOU would let do this surgery on YOU or YOUR WIFE. That’s the guy I want!” He told me of several and I made my choice and he gave me the referral. My appointment is set for March 4th. I cancelled with one-year-out-of-residency-guy.

I have also found a good website that offers support to people with thyroid cancer. ThyCA: Thyroid Cancer Survivors offers support for people like me, with newly diagnosed thyroid cancer. I think the biggest help to me has been understanding that because the various phases of treatment and testing tend to be spread out at fairly long time intervals compared to other cancers that this “hurry up and wait” thing is normal. I also found out that there is a support group that meets once a month here in Phoenix, so I think I will start attending that with next month’s meeting. I’m hoping to have had my surgery by then!

Thank you all who read and comment  on my blog. Your support is so much appreciated. I promise to keep you posted as I know more.


4 thoughts on “The “C” Word – Part 3

  1. I am so glad that your approach to this has been ‘Fight, Fight, Fight!’. And I am so very glad that you have a great support system, including (hard to find) doctors who make sure you have the connections you need.

  2. I’m sooooo not a patient person. While I’m really glad you’re getting the best person for the job, the waiting is killing me. I can’t imagine how you’re making it through. Ugh.

    I’m really glad you have good support from your hubby and that you’ve sought out some additional support resources. I think that’s the best thing you can do for yourself, especially when you’re still waiting for all of the answers.

    Praying… and waiting. Love you.

  3. Support groups are definitely the way to go. My mom joined one when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she considered it a God-send. She said without it, she wasn’t sure how she would’ve made it through. She felt uncomfortable sharing certain fears and feelings with us even though she knew we had our support. It also helped her to be with people who literally knew what she was going through, rather than just empathize.

    I attended a few meetings that were open to family members – and it was a real eye opener. Go for it!

    I’m praying for you.

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