Weekend Fun

My husband loves planes, trains and automobiles. If it has horsepower, he’s into it. He has gone through phases with each one, but his most recent passion is trains. He has an N-scale model train and layout that takes up one entire room of our house. He spends a lot of time in the “train room” working and reworking his track plan. He models, solders, builds, tears down and builds again his little world.

 A couple of weeks ago a friend of his, from his former job, had a birthday party for his three year old son at the McCormick Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale. My hubby was hooked! I believe he could have spent the whole day at the park; however we had my stepsons, who most definitely do not share their dad’s fascination with transportation. They were good, but obviously bored and couldn’t wait to get the heck out of there to go back home to play Guitar Hero 3 and to soak in the hot tub.

So, the following weekend hubby and I went back to McCormick Stillman Railroad Park by ourselves and he got to spend all the time he wanted looking, reading, and talking about his magnificent obsession. I, like the boys, am not nearly as spellbound by trains as hubby is, but I took advantage of the trip by turning it into a photo opportunity. Below are some of my favorite shots.

Signal Light

This signal light was on display on the museum car.

Pullman Car

 This Roald Amundson Pullman car was chartered by the United States Government for transporting Presidents Hoover, Truman and Roosevelt throughout the U.S., much like Airforce One is used today.

Plush Pullman Car

I would have loved to sit here watching the country go by as I traveled in this plush car.


If necessary, the President would sleep here to the the clickety-clack of the metal wheels on the tracks.  This could be a comfortable way to catch some zzzzz’s while in transit.


This clock is a very interesting piece of equipment, there are several parts to the “face”, all with a unique purpose.

 Mars Hill Copper Mine

The N-scale layout at the park is done in modules that are removable for transporting to shows as well as for maintenance. This is the Mars Hill Copper Mine module.

Drive Carefully

I loved the billboard sign in this section! There is so much you can do with a layout when you have the space! It is truly limited only by the imagination of the hobbyist crafting the model.


This is the turntable and roundhouse section of the layout. This particular module takes up a lot of space but is one of my favorites at the park.


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