Desert Reds

 These photos were taken at The Boulders in Cave Creek, Arizona one afternoon late in December. I was fortunate to be shooting during the late afternoon as the sun started to go down. The colors were stunning!


 Desert Reds 3

Prior to moving to Phoenix I had never seen flowers like this one! It reminds me of  coral underwater as it sways gently in the breeze.

Desert Reds 2

This handsome fellow was only a little camera shy when I spotted him along the trail as I walked back towards the resort after my hike. A gentleman riding a golf cart stopped and told me one of the maintenance men feeds this jaunty cardinal every day and that he eats out of the man’s hand!

Desert Reds 1

Another gorgeous red flower, glowing in the afternoon sunlight. I just LOVE Desert Reds!


4 thoughts on “Desert Reds

  1. Early morning and late afternoon provides the best lighting for photography. Problem is, most people are either sleeping, or eating at those times! I’m glad you decided otherwise.

    The cardinal is cool! I can never manage to get close enough for taking pictures of birds. And I have a small problem with patience.

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