City through a Hole…

City through a hole…

During a trip to Papago Park in Phoenix I noticed this hole in the rock at the top of a hill. Though I didn’t have the proper shoes on to be hiking, I decided that it was worth a look  and trudged up this small mountain. There was only a short amount of time to take a photo when no one was inside the little cave, so my shots were limited to a few. This was my favorite of the pix that I took of the “City through a Hole”. If you click on the picture you will get the “full version” but smaller. I would love to go back and shoot this again now that I have my digital camera, but this will do…for now.


3 thoughts on “City through a Hole…

  1. What an amazing pic. I love it. I think I need to send you a plane ticket so you can come do some family pics for me. I miss you! And all of your many talents.

  2. I’ve been there! It is pretty cool. Did you read about it? There is a whole thing about how the Native Americans (I don’t remember what tribe) would tell time and stuff using the light from the hole in the rock. BTW, it is called “Hole in the Rock”. Ironic, huh? lol.

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