New Beginnings

Today I had the pleasure of meeting three people (all very nice, and very interesting in their own unique ways) that I have never met before.

 The first person I met is a young woman whom I met through the blogosphere, by reading her comments on one of the blogs I read regularly, and also through reading her blog and commenting. We had emailed each other a couple of times before I realized we live fairly close and we decided to get together today for lunch. After being delayed by construction and detours, I finally arrived at the agreed upon destination and we went in, ordered lunch and began to visit. What a bright young woman she is! She’s  intelligent, strong and wise far beyond her years.  I’m  glad I had the opportunity to meet her and hope that, in spite of the distance between our homes and our ages, that we can become friends.

 The other two people I met are my new neighbors across the street. They just moved into the house that my husband and I lived in for the first year and a half that we lived in Phoenix. The house has been vacant since October, when we bought our current home and moved out. Earlier this week we noticed the “For Lease” sign had been taken down. My husband saw a young couple going into the house on Thursday or Friday and tonight we met them when we saw the young man outside taking photos of the house. We invited them over for a while and ended up talking with them for a couple of hours. They are a sweet couple and I think we might become friends with them as well. We seem to share many of the same interests despite the differences in our ages, including sports and animals. I hope this was the first of many such get togethers with them.

 It has been a good day.


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