Welcome to Lynda’s Pix

Welcome to Lynda’s Pix. 

My cousin, who is like a sister to me, says I need to start my own blog.

 Why? Do I have something interesting to say?


Or maybe not.

 Perhaps I simply need a place to think.  Or maybe I need a place to anonymously be myself and share my thoughts with anyone that chooses to read them.

 Anyway, here I am, ready (or not) to start blogging away about whatever random thoughts pop into my head and posting pictures that I take with my new digital camera (that my wonderful hubby bought me for Christmas)!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Lynda’s Pix

  1. Like I said before, just type out what you say in your comments on everybody else’s posts! You have tons of great things to say! For instance, all the stuff we talked about the other day. All of that was really interesting.

  2. Lynda – welcome to our world. It’s a pretty cool place to hang out and meet some great folks. I’ve loved seeing your comments popping up on my favorite sites.

    Kiki’s a blast isn’t she?

    And Stephanie rocks the step-parent world.

    You may have also met the infamous Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor, but I don’t have time to read her 100+ comments per post.

    Anyway – love your blog. The cardinal photo is particularly stunning!

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